Monday, 10 December 2012

Sew a Bookmark

Everyone knows someone who has everything.
It can be difficult to find that little something special for Christmas.
So here's an idea you can make in any colour and embroider anyway you like ! 

I made this brightly coloured one long, long ago while I was still at school
and I'm in the process of making a few more for this year.
They're made of four pieces of felt, blanket stitched together,

trimmed with rows of blanket stitching

and a hair clip is secured to the inside of 
the hands so the gloves open and close.
If you'd like to make one, I'll be taking photos as I go,  
so come back soon for more details
and I'll provide a template as well.
Meanwhile, choose your felt and embroidery colours
and track down some of these metal hair clips
(not sure what they're called, but I bought these from a hairdresser) 
I'll be back again soon.

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